Name That Bird! is a free, wild bird identification service.

Whether you have just started to feed birds in your back yard or have been birding for years, identifying the birds you see is a large part of the fun and challenge of the hobby of bird watching.  If you have a photograph of a bird you can not identify, we'll try to identify it for you.

To participate, send us an e-mail with an image of the bird in question. The image can be scanned or taken with a digital camera. It does not have to be of publication quality.  We'll do our best to identify the bird for you.

Common backyard birds to the most difficult ID challenges are welcome, so everyone can participate.

Click here for the details on submitting the bird image you would like to have identified.

NEW and exciting?
We are experimenting with using artificial intelligence to identify birds.  Visit the ID Wizard to give it a shot.  Just drag your image to the location shown.  It is accurate about 10% of the time but the more images it sees the better it will become.

Birding Apps apps can help you identify the birds you see and improve your own identification skills.

Visit the web site for all of the currently available apps. Each app is dedicated to a particular family of birds or topic. Current apps include

 - Warblers
 - Raptors
 - Waterfowl: Ducks, geese, swans, grebes
 - Hummingbirds
 - Shorebirds
 - Backyard Birdwatching - including attracting and feeding
 - An Introduction to Texas birds - Free!

warbler app

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