Guidelines for submitting your images for identification.

This is a free service of

By submitting images, you grant the right to use said image(s) on this site or any site that is part of the network of web sites, or to use the image in a app or other product. 

Photo credit will be given if an image is used.

The photographer maintains full ownership of the images. can not re-sell the images as individual images without written permission of the photographer. can not grant others the use of any submitted images.

Please follow these guidelines.

1. This service is only for birds seen in the United States and Canada.

2. Please say when and where the photograph was taken. I am receiving more and more photos from zoos or scanned from books. You may not receive a response if you do not identify the time and location.

3. Please do not send images of more than 2 species at a time.

4. Please do NOT send images of pet birds or baby birds.

5. Digital cameras are creating very large file sizes. If possible, please resize your images to about 1200 pixels in width before sending.

6. This is an e-mail/photo-based system only. Send your images of unknown species to:

The images (digital photos or scanned images) do not have to be of publication quality. 

Thank you for following the guidelines.